The Celestial Dream

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

The wisdom of the planets
And the knowledge to be gained,
Those yet to be discovered
Those that yet have to be named,
We take them all for granted
As their mystery is unchained,
So majestic and distinguished
Their beauty has never waned.

To travel like a comet
And traverse the sky at night,
To fly about the galaxy
To be part of that great sight,
To take in all its majesty
That surrounds its brilliant light,
Their return and their constancy,
Are recorded in their flight.

How I would love to be amongst them,
All the stars up in the sky,
To gaze in awe and full bewilderment
As their light catches in my eye,
To accomplish this achievement
I would give my life and die,
Then look around in my fulfilment
As through their beauty I do fly.

The perplexity of the galaxies
Yet their symmetry is so wise,
The elegance of their adornment
So varied in the skies,
The reality in their testament
We adorn it with our eyes
Our admiration of their attainment
As their wonder mystifies.

O’ how beautiful the Universe
Its wonders to behold,
Like turning pages, of a book,
Its secrets do unfold.
If I could peek and take a look
And read the stories to be told,
I would create another Universe,
If I could just reproduce the mould.


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