The spoken heart

by | Aug 25, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

I believe that I am an imperfect man, looking for a perfect God;
Laws and morality are part of God, the rules by which man lives
And the rules by which man dies, these are all part of God.
Is a Christian any greater than a Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist?
Is this Christian God better or does he, merely, ‘Advertise’ more?

Man is a link in a complex chain of events – the world was created
In seven days. How do you relate a period of time to the average desert
Dweller? God created man in his own image – we are all atoms, this entire
World is made up of atoms, from the smallest to the largest and by whatever
Path of creation you choose to believe: we all came from the atom.

I am nothing, my life is unimportant, what matters is what my actions
In Life’s Timetable create or destroy. All actions have results, both
Positive and negative, which in turn affects the lives of people around us:
I have only one Rule: I shall not steal the rights of other men to live.
I shall not steal trust; by lying; by covet, by envy; or taking life, by murder.


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