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Whisper voices to the wind,
To see how far they fly,
Like empty echoes on the sea
Or a muffled babies cry,
They travel like a comet star
Only to be lost in space,
Long before your voice has reached
Upon the listeners face!

Talking voices to the wind,
Trying to be understood.
Like a butterfly, on a summer’s day,
You would catch it, if you could.
It reaches out for the wind to take,
Your lungs try to expel.
Then catch your breath and try again,
The words you wish to tell.

Shouting voices to the wind,
It’s hard for you to breathe.
The growing wind, it gathers strength,
From where you can’t conceive,
The battle to be understood
Is slowly being lost.
The fight to death to shout, “WATCH OUT!”
Is at the listener’s cost.


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